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Tower of David, Jerusalem

Photo Credits: Noam Chen Tower of David (Jerusalem’s Citadel), located at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem has one of the most fantastic views you could ever wish to see. From the top, you can see the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, the Judean Desert and even the Dead…

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Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum

Israel’s Official Holocaust Museum, otherwise known as Yad VaShem, is dedicated to keeping the memory alive of the 6,000,000 Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as being a research center . It also honors the Gentiles who helped Jews hide and escape even while knowing the cost to them and their families. Located on…

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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum is most widely known for playing host to the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. The first seven scrolls were discovered in the caves of Qumran in 1946 by a Bedouin Shepard and the rest were uncovered by archeologists beginning in 1949-1956 and even as recently as February 2017. A special home was built within the…

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City of David, Jerusalem

King David built this city, which was subsequently named after him, as a capital for the 12 tribes of Israel. Years later, a team of archaeologists are uncovering the hidden gems below the surface of this truly wondrous city and have made it an adventure for all. To capture the full magnitude of what was discovered, visitors…

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Akko, Capital of the Knights

Akko. One of the most Northern cities of Israel and full of amazing rich history. There is even an entire team dedicated to preserving the historical sites and promote business to this gorgeous city. There are so many things to see and do, you won’t know which way to turn first. You can visit the…

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Marina Divers, Eilat

Don’t be fooled by the antiquated store front. Marina Divers opened in the mid 90’s and has been known for its service, professionalism, friendliness, reasonable prices and top rated safety standards ever since. They offer all different kinds of diving packages for the newbie as well as the experienced diver. Not certified? No problem. Marina Divers also…

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