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Wine and culinary tour includes visits to wineries, lectures, wines tasting and delicious lunches accompanied by a guide and a wine expert- Especially for travel agents and tour leaders.

Wine Tours is your source for authentic wine experiences in Israel and designed to suit your desires and tastes.

Since the time of Noah, the land of Israel has been rich in wine grape vineyards.  The modern day wine industry is continuing its development. There are five different wine growing regions in Israel, with over 150 wineries, from the Galilee to the Negev, cultivating over 30 types of grapes.

Main Varieties planted in Israel are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Shiraz, Chardonnay.The international grape variety most unique to Israel is Emerald Riesling.

For many centuries, the monasteries of Israel have carefully cultivated grapes and created  then a great variety of amazing tastes of wine. Wine Tour is an opportunity for you to visit monastic ancient vineyards, historic monuments and shrines, tasting of selected wines, become familiar with wine etiquette, and soak in the fascinating beauty of the Holy Land!

Join NoahTours on our special Wine and Culinary Tour!

8 days 7 nights

1 Day Arrival

Golan Heights - Kinneret - Tiberias

Upon arrival to airport meet our representative. Begins the gastronomic adventure on Golan heights which are known for the wines and olive oil. After short survey of kibuc we continue a way to an industrial zone to visit factory on manufacture of mineral water «Mej Eden» and winery Katsrin, one of numerous wineries on Golan heights. You will pass the north through Druzian villages, having stopped off for tasting of especial Druzian bread, cheese and spices. Go down from Golan heights in the Abuse Valley through the main reservoirs of Jordan. A dinner at fish restaurant. After a dinner our way lies to sea of Galilee – Kinneret. Placing and night in Tiberias.

2 Day  Hula Nature Reserve - Roch Pina - Tsfat

Day begins with visiting of reserve Hula Nature Reserve. Delightful places, the hinged bridge, the birds freely walking on reserve. We continue our way to Rosh Pina - taste of rural life in Galilee. Take pleasure in meal in one of fine restaurants. Special pleasure - chocolate factory which has taken place in restored part Rosh Pina, at school of 19th century. Then we move in Tsfat, one of four sacred cities in Israel and the center of the doctrine of Cabbala. Moving on spending the night in Tverija.

3 Day  Akko - Karmel - Zikhron Ya`akov-Tel Aviv

Day begins in Akko. Halls of Knights, Mosque Al-Jazaar will be presented to your attention. Walk on avenues of the Old City, stop in its shops of spices, and take pleasure in taste humus and others east and Mediterranean delicacies. We continue our way to mountain Karmel. Zikhron Ya'akov - area, plentiful vineyards and wine, also is visited local winery. We continue a way to Tel Aviv. In a heart of the city, you take pleasure in colors and aromas of Market Carmel. Tel Aviv can brag of the restaurants on each taste, preference and possibility. Some of the best fish restaurants in the city are located in Port of Tel Aviv, along with bars and cafe. Night in hotel of Tel Aviv.

4 Day  Jaffo - Jerusalem

Day begins in Jaffo where you can buy newly-baked bread. Walk on lanes of old Jaffo and take pleasure with a street of artists, port of picturesque fishermen, archeological excavations and restaurants. Further our way lies to Jerusalem. The wide choice of wineries will be offered to your attention. Placing for the night in Jerusalem.

5 Day  Jerusalem

Jerusalem – a sacred city for three basic world religions. A tomb of King David and the Last Supper Room. The Wailing Wall, or the Western wall, represents a part of the remained basic constructions surrounding Temple mountain at which top there was a Jerusalem temple. A panorama of Jerusalem. A God way (last five stops). A relic of Christian religion – Temple of God`s Coffin– is founded on a place on which, under legends, Jesus Christ has been crucified, buried, and then revived. Placing for the night in Jerusalem.

6 Day  Jerusalem

Day begins with a Panorama of Jerusalem. Yad Vashem - a museum of the European Jewry disaster. It is a museum, but it looks like a big park in which pavilions and sculptural memorials are freely arranged. Their composite axis is the avenue of Righteous persons of nations of the world. Modern quarters of Jerusalem. Walk on quarters of the Old city: the Jewish quarter, street Kardo. Placing for the night in Jerusalem.

7 Day  Masada- Dead Sea - Arad

Early in the morning you go on the south to the Dead Sea. Visiting of Masada will be offered to you. On force of sensations travel to Masada– can be compared to an ascension to Jerusalem. Going to east part of Judaic desert, to the emerald Dead Sea over which coast the legendary fortress rises on a rock, invariably you feel the deepest excitement: the meeting with one of the most heroic and tragical pages in the history of the Jewish people. Then you go to magic waters of the Dead Sea. After immersing in waters of Dead Sea you go to Arad to take pleasure in hospitality of bedouins in village Drejat. Night in hotel of Tel Aviv.

8 Day Departure

Breakfast in hotel. A transfer in the airport Ben Gurion.


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