Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Over the years, Kibbutz Ein Gedi has transformed from being able to host a few families at a time to a booming business. Seeing the need for a getaway spot, the Kibbutz has done an extraordinarily good job of making the hotel a home away from home with an elaborate twist.

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First up is the Synergy Spa. They offer classics like a hot stone massage and a Swedish massage, as well as unusual sounding treatments like a persimmon peeling or an oil pouring package. The spa even has it’s own lobby, freshwater pool and Turkish bathhouse.

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Next, we come to the bedrooms and the suites. Charmingly rustic and whimsical, the sleeping quarters at Kibbutz Ein Gedi don’t disappoint. Their Deluxe Rooms come with a view of the Judean Desert and the Arugot River and their Mini Suites are located in the Botanical Garden.

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Lastly, we have the mystical and calming Botanical Garden. Come and see the rare and endangered plants of Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea area. There is even a bird watching lookout for you bird enthusiasts.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi is where you need to be for that part of the family feel and for an all around enjoyable time!

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