Israel Luxury Art, Culture & Fashion Tours

Creative. Inspiring. Exquisite. 


Noah Tours offers private luxury Israel tours that engage Israel's most unique creators. Come and see the innovative work of Israeli artists and fashion designers and get inspired by the creations that lie behind ingenious Israeli minds. Enjoy the authenticity and high quality of handmade local products and hear the intriguing story that each item has to tell. Learn about the rebirth of slow fashion, about the Israeli textile and merchandise market that does not involve child labor and uses natural resources that the country has to offer. Meet with renowned and modern Israeli fashion designers and hear about their fascinating paths and innovative ideas. There you will see how their deep connection to the land, the Israeli desert, and earth have brought to life their artistic vein and stirred their muse. Learn how hardships and poverty, that have perpetrated the land’s history, have not stopped the creative mind from thriving and have only intensified inspiration and creativity. Walk through Tel Aviv, and get exposed to the Israeli contemporary art and exquisite avant-garde styles, and get absorbed in its beauty.