Israel Luxury Tours Culinary & Wine Experience

Delicate. Rich. Mediterranean.

Join us on an exciting journey to the land flowing with milk and honey and discover the origins of Mediterranean food. Our luxury Israel tours offer an opportunity to explore the authentic delicacies that emerged from Israeli and Arabic cuisine. Walk through the buzzing Carmel Market and find yourself captivated by the sensational mixed smells of spices, the appetizing sights and tastes of delicate dishes, and local pastries. Walk by the colorful sights of the fruits and vegetables. Visit local wineries and see the places where world-known Israeli wines are made. Hear the stories about the origins of Israel’s most famous culinary specialties such as falafel, shawarma, Jerusalem mixed grill, hummus, and pita. Dine in the best local restaurants that offer a variety of Israeli food, using local products that are special for Israel.