Eilat Underwater Observatory Marine Park

The magical Red Sea is known for its amazing underwater world. The variety and colorful fishes, among the amazing and beautiful corals, creates the world’s most unique and beautiful reef site. The Underwater Observatory Marine park is located on coral beach, in the red sea. At 100 meters from the beach, on a slope leading down to the sea's depths, a unique structure was built in 1974: a tower 6 meter under the waterbed. From the windows at the base of the tower, below sea level, the mysteries of the deep pass before the eyes of observers. The  underwater observatory, gives the opportunity to enter into the heart of the Red Sea and to view the marine life, including fishes, corals, and other living creatures of the enchanting underwater world at a distance of a hand. A bridge spanning from the Marine Park leads to the white tower, which stands like a lighthouse in the Gulf of Eilat. 

There is a giant aquarium holding 360,000 liters of seawater. Inside is an exact replica of a coral reef down to each detail as it is found beneath the Red Sea. The water conditions: clarity, salinity and temperatures are kept exactly as in nature to provide visitors with a genuine reef experience. Another large pool in Eilat's Underwater Observatory Marine Park is dedicated to the kings of the sea: sharks. Sea turtles are large and impressive creatures belonging to the family of sea reptiles. There are several species of sea turtle in the Park. Two of them are: the herbivore Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle, which eats sea anemones, sea cucumbers, sponges and mollusks.


Marine observatory