Halls Of Knights In Acre

 These Knights Halls were built by the "Hospitallers" - the  order of the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John - in the beginning of the 12th C, after the Crusaders captured the city in 1104. These are large halls which were used by the crusaders for dining, resting and important events. Acre grew due to the crusaders influence and was their main city in  Israel. Many crusaders came to Acre to have a rest before the difficult journey up to Jerusalem. The Knight's halls where used precisely for them. At the entrance there is a movie describing the history and rise of Acre. The tour around the halls is very interesting so is walking down the fortress' passages which were open to visitors only recently. The knights halls were found only in the last 50 years, before that stage they were covered by Acre's citadel. Today the citadel's top floors present a beautiful museum of the revolutions convicts.


Acre Knights Halls